Our Meat Products

Aberdeen Angus & Hereford Beef

Our grass fed cattle are reared and fattened on the green rolling hills of Sheepscombe Valley. We chose Aberdeen Angus and Hereford breeds because they’re excellent at converting grass in summer and foraging in winter, only needing small amounts of supplementary feed.

Our cows travel only 5 miles to King’s abattoir in Brookthorpe to minimise their stress at this important time. The beef is then hung on the bone for 21 days and butchered at Clayton House Meats.

Current cuts of Beef:


Fillet – £25.00/kg
Sirloin – £14.50/kg
Rump – £12.50/kg

Sunday Roast

Topside – £9.75/kg

Everyday meals

Chuck – £8.50/kg
Mince – £7.50/kg


Beefburgers – pack of 4 – £3.00

All items except beef burgers are vacuum packed.
All subject to availability, please contact us for current weights and prices.

Also enjoy our meats at our friend’s place:

The Butchers Arms freehouse and restaurant in Sheepscombe